sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

Adjustable-John Kip

 So when the pain is all around
I know how bad you may feel
Keeping your feet on the ground
May be the best way to heal

Than time will bring you the perspective of a better day
Where things can be okay
When life will deal another brand
new hand of cards to play
With nothing more to lose
Life can be what you choose

Keeping your dreams alive
Will make the wishes come true
Keeping your dreams alive
Will bring the best yet in you

All you need to find is a chance to start!

If the truth about life is adjustable
You can shape in the way that you want the world to see
Just make it believable
Anything that you want can be possible
You must be all the changes you want your world to be

Whatever plans you may have
I know they're coming your way
No one can take it away
Your life begins today!

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